Amishoes is a concept, more than a brand; it’s a life style, a way of being and looking into the future, having as base the production and marketing of footwear.

We were born on April 2, 2002 to be able to offer the market a number of foundations that are based on Quality, Innovation, Design, Comfort, Environment and Refinement.

We work with various internationally distinguished brands. France, Spain, Germany, England, Denmark and Sweden are some of the countries where our success is unquestionable, always in a growing scale.

In 2007 our concern lead us to want to give more to those who work with us. We started a program of training and civic education that aimed deepening knowledge, providing a solid future for those working with us. We believe that education, teamwork and internal motivation, is also a considerable part of our success.

Currently, we are bringing the future to our production methods and techniques. The 3D designing and automatic cut are some of the examples of a modern company; flexible, and capable of answering the international challenges.

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